Monday, 5 August 2013

Bi guy and a straight guy sit on a sofa

I just uploaded a video response to one of my favourite Youtubers, RJ, a bi man in a same-sex relationship who does a daily vlog with his boyfriend Will, to show that two men can have a completely normal life together - they are amazing, and entertaining, and I watch every day! They just moved into a place together, so there's been a lot of trips to Ikea, but they've also had a few friends round, and one is a straight guy, Chris, who is also a vlogger. On RJ's extra channel, he posted a conversation he had with their straight friend about bisexuality, and I found it so good I had to respond, and what I had to say wouldn't fit in a comment.

Go check out the original video :

and then my video response (it might not appear under RJ's until he approves it):

and tell me what you think in the comments - do you agree?


  1. Love your videos :)

    While it's a reply video it stands well on its own. I'd be tempted to use it at Bi Visibility Day events and suchlike.

  2. Hi Esme,

    the RJ video is great and so is your answer.

    I love the way you describe how sexuality varies from 100% straight to 100% gay where we are quite a lot who define ourselves somewhere in the middle of that.

    But as said in the RJ vid many people tend to simplify their sexuality so that others won't get confused.

    A family member once lived together with both a girl and a man - openly being bi. Both partners even attended our family parties. This was in the 80s. And as a young boy I remember to find it fascinating.

    Then many years later he married a man with whom he bought a house and some day where I had the opportunity I asked whether he saw himself as gay or bi now? Gay, he replied.

    I came out to him in the same conversation perhaps most of al to see if he would change his answer to bi, but he didn't.

    Keep up your good work! I admire you...

  3. In general, I have a problem with the term "monosexual", but that's a minor quibble about what is, overall, an excellent video. I agree with Jen. I'm impressed with the growing self-awareness you have displayed in your blog.

    1. Thanks Ciaran!

      I've never known about a problem with 'monosexual' - can you explain why it's problematic?

    2. A few years ago, Marcus Morgan wrote a good blog article in which he explains why he dislikes the term "monosexual":

      I agree with the thrust of Marcus's blog article, but there are a few additional reasons why I dislike the term. Unfortunately, my reasons are somewhat subtle and hence difficult to explain in the limited space available of a blog or a comment on a blog. One item on my "to do" list is to write a long, detailed article on the subject. If/when I eventually get round to doing that, I'll ping you the URL to the article.

      In the meantime, don't get hung up on my dislike the of the term "monosexual". That was only a minor irritation with your video. Overall, your video was excellent.