Monday, 1 March 2021

The evil of Issues in Human Sexuality

I recently tweeted about Issues in Human Sexuality on Twitter, and I was intending to make it a long thread with all my thoughts. But I could tell I was quite upset, and any millennial worth their salt knows 'never tweet angry'!

So I've turned to this blog as a brief outlet, because I cannot let it go entirely. Thank you for indulging my need to rant. I am allowed to disagree with the church on this, and let people know my opinion; I wouldn't still be part of it if I wasn't. It's important to think about how I air my views though, so here's my trying to be sensitive without betraying my integrity!

Here are the tweets I managed to resist putting in that thread: 

-What’s depressing is how much the introduction claims exactly the same principles/intentions as in the LLF material. The big difference now is we have access to legal same-sex marriage and we can have a legitimate argument for CofE same-sex weddings and clergy having same-sex spouses.

-LGBTQIA+ people suffer from this document but cisgender and heterosexual people are also skewered by the theology it proffers. I think it upholds shame, bibliolatry, hypocrisy, inaccurate generalisations, possibly Gnosticism, and the patriarchy with relish.

-Some of the concepts invoked are so wrong as to be ridiculous. For someone born in 1992, it’s like reading something from the Bronze Age - it’s so anachronistic, I can’t recognise that it’s from within living memory.

-The word ‘homophile’ is one of the most damaging things queer people is the CofE still have to deal with. 

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