Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Insight into women? Not a chance

This post is inspired by an incident with my mother, when I gave my opinion on a coloured lipbalm she was wearing. Now she said she was upset by the way I gave this opinion (which was negative, if you haven't guessed) and granted I may have been a bit blunt, and if she had simply said that she was hurt by my comment, I would have apologised and told her I was sorry that I hurt her feelings, which I am. But she had to get all nasty with me.

After the small row, I got thinking. It's one of the problems of women. That she is a woman was a factor in her reaction, I have no doubt. We're often more vain than we like to let ourselves believe, and pretty sentimental and emotional most of the time. I should know.

Well, you would think I would know. But there's the thing, people assume, I think, that women in same-sex relationships have it easier then men in hetero relationships, because they can understand their partner better. Well bullshit! I am a woman, and the only insight I have into any other woman I may have a relationship with is that they are near-impossible to comprehend. Especially if you're a fairly blunt person like me. I'm as incomprehensible as the next woman I suspect.

So far, it's been the men I've been with that have been easier to comprehend. This of course is probably entirely subjective, but I can only write from experience. The girls have been more cyptic, capricious and their actions/reactions harder to foresee.

Really, the gender issue is a moot point (which most bis will agree on!). Each person is different, and humanity is the most diverse part of nature. Each relationship therefore is unique, and we should come at them without expectation. But humanity has noted the differences since time immemorial, so the generalisations might have something to them after all.

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