Saturday, 10 March 2012

Being a bisexual Christian

I realised today I never went through any anxiety about my bisexuality and my Christianity. It never occurred to me. I knew there are people who are Christian who don't think same-sex relationships are right, and I always knew I thought they are wrong.

Is this good or bad? It seems a funny question, but let me explain. If I had had problems, having to deal with the possibility that my faith and my identity were at odds, I would have come out the other side with the same conviction, but with a much stronger knowledge and understanding of why.

I feel almost ignorant of why I feel my religion and my sexual preference are in support of each other, like I would find it difficult to ariculate and explain to someone were they to ask.

I do get the occasional twinge of something distantly-related to doubt. When I worry about not being a true disciple of Jesus, and getting things wrong, it's sort of there in the hazy list of issues I have coming at the Gospels. But in an almost objective, scholarly way, rather than psychological or emotional.

Is it because of my generation? The fact that secular prejudices are fast on their way out, and it's such a non-issue in many places in The West? Or is it because I was introduced to my faith not through family or church, but by education? An objective starting point that did, slowly over time, became true faith, but maybe coloured that faith?


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