Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Write to the Lords

With less than a week until the Lords begins to debate same-sex marriage, I used to write to a random Lord. I got given Lord Kalms, and here is the email I sent him.

Dear Lord Kalms,
Life is sometimes difficult. This is true for everyone, whether Lord or
student, like you and I, or lover of Disney cartoons, secret collector
of bookmarks, or simply obsessed with stationary. Okay, that's also
like me too. But others will have those things in common with me, as
well as other aspects of my character.

Some people are like me because they have brown hair, or white skin,
they want to own a horse, or find it difficult to remember to brush
their teeth. Whether we are similar or distant, life is difficult for
everyone else sometimes, and life is difficult for me sometimes.

Enough beating around the bush, I want you to help pass the same-sex
marriage bill that's going to go through the House of Lords soon. My
life is made difficult by the inequality my country's law forces upon

I'm a bisexual woman. You've met many us I'm sure, whether you knew at
the time or not. Some of us have brown hair, and some of us will sing
along to the Lion King with a little too much gay abandon (if you
pardon my choice of words). And many of us want to get married. 

I'm a twenty-one year old woman; of course I've thought about getting
married. I want to be a wife, to live one life with the person I love
and who loves me, to make the lives of the people in our life better,
together, and to set an example of truth, faith, hope, loyalty, honour,
and good, to those younger than us.

I have the potential to fall in love with men and women. The one person
I end up spending my life with could be either; where ever they may be
(I'm still searching!). But I will only be able to marry them if
they're a man. Society would not see my civil partnership with a woman
the same way they would see my marriage to a man, even though that
marriage would be all that I have already described, regardless of the
gender of the person with whom I happened to meet, fall in love, and to
whom I want to commit my life. I don't want that lower status.

Pain and suffering. That's what this inequality causes, to bisexuals
like me, gay people with brown hair, trans* people who collect
bookmarks, and a great many others within our society, within our
country, within our sixty-two million strong family.

Our family needs your help. Make their lives a little less difficult.
Think of me and my poor dental hygiene, and help pass the bill.

Yours sincerely

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