Sunday, 9 October 2011

My first gay club experience

In the summer, I had an amazing time with my lesbian friend. I visited her in Aberdeen, and she took me out to my first gay bar. She, her girlfriend, her gay best friend, and I enjoyed a night of drinking, dancing, and all out gaying it up.

I don't go out clubbing a lot, but just being in a place where the point is to be LGBT was so much fun. I wasn't there to hook up, so that pressure was off, and everyone was friendly, and some of the guys were just so camp! It was so much fun.

Unsurprisingly, the best part of the night was when Born This Way came on the dance floor. Everyone in the club surged onto what was actually quite a small space, and then let loose. I felt a joyous connection to everyone in that room, totally accepted, totally understood; it was breathtaking.

Plus seeing my drunk, butch friend grind with a bloke was just plain funny.

It felt different to my limited experience with 'normal' clubs. It wasn't overexcited, or brash, or even scary for little ol' me the noobie. It was jumping, and lively, and loud sure; but in the spirit of all being a family, a minority proving its right to exist by having a damn good time just as we are - flamboyant, passionate and downright sexy!

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