Thursday, 17 May 2012

Writing to my MP in support of same-sex marriage

I just sent an email to the MP in my home town, and the MP in my uni town. Mostly it was repetition of the stuff from the survey (see earlier blog post) but I thought I'd share that additions I made.

"I am a parishioner of a church in Central London where at least 50% of the congregation is queer - we love it! We think Christianity fully embraces and loves the queers, and we all worship on perfectly equal terms. It would be glorious to be able to add queer weddings to our services.

It is not fair to ask me to commit myself to the person I love in different ways dependent on their gender. I fall in love with men and women the same, why can't I commit to them the same? There will be no difference in the ferocity of my love and want of commitment. I cannot believe that if I want to commit myself to the woman I love, I will have no say in my own marriage.

I will be a wife. The gender of my spouse should not determine how I become their wife. It should be the same, irrespective of their gender, just like my love."

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