Thursday, 5 July 2012

Gay night

Last night I had a really GAY night! It was fabulous.

I'm training in technical theatre, so after the last performance of a show yesterday evening, cast and crew went out. Had drinks with other techies, then L, B and I went to the bar where the actors were at. Got talking to the actress S at the bar, and behold, we find we are one lesbian (L), one bisexual-borderline-lesbian (B), one bisexual (yours truly), and one pansexual (S)! Had know idea S was not straight, but then, I may have been prejudiced by a bad first impression.

Anyway, we had a real networking session, and it felt very pally, and community-y. Poor S was so happy to find other queer girls; I felt wonderful being able to welcome her into the communal element of her sexuality. I also flirted with her a lot, though I had no intentions on her (I'm in that stage of liking someone else that no one has a chance). Fortunately, I don't think she had any intentions on me either; her attention was slightly slanted in B's direction, odd seeing as B was the one in the group who wasn't single.

Thought I'd share my gay night on here. It's the small things that make life, and so it is the small things that make bisexuality. It's not all about the big issues; it's about nights staying up til the early hours and drinking too much in a group of giggling gay gals.

I was glad that a nice night relaxing with friends, colleagues, and new friends (ie the actors) was enhanced by queer fun. It was easy, and simple, and lovely.

Just wish I had the courage to ask out the girl I like.

News on my unrequited love, and World Pride this weekend (YAY) coming soon!

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