Sunday, 1 July 2012

Being single and being bi

My heart cries out for it is empty. Being single is as though I do not exist. Man or woman, I need this to go, to leave, to be cured; I need this emptiness to be filled.

That one person. To talk to, to give life a cohesive line. Coming apart at the seams, I have nothing to hold me together. I am but fragments, a jigsaw for someone to put together.

Friends are the right people in context, family are what I need sometimes, I can go to my priest, my tutor, my pen friend, but there are moments...moments when no one is right. Where the problem is not part of my life but all of my life, and there is no one who is part of my whole life.

The calling out of my soul does not seek gender. The right person is the one to ease the emptiness. Why is that so difficult for some people to understand?

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  1. I've felt the same way, and found comfort in:

    “How could I be so immature to think he would replace the missing elements in me?” — Bj√∂rk