Monday, 10 September 2012

How to run an LGBT society

News: I am collaborating with a friend to start my university's first LGBT society.

Question: ANY TIPS?? I feel a little worried I'm going to mess it up, so, dear blogosphere, help an ol' pal out. What can we do to make it not shit?

I've not run an lgbt society before, and it means a lot to me as a wannabe activist to get it right. I want it to be fun, celebrating being different, as well as social and gettingtoknowyou, as well as an opportunity to talk and discuss lgbt topics and issues, and even somewhere to go when there are problems, questions, and difficulties.

It feels like a huge ambition, and I want to make sure it runs smoothly, everyone enjoys themselves, and we can possibly make a difference. We are a smallish college, only about 800 students, 18yr olds to mature students, all on vocational degree/post-grad/MA courses for careers in music and drama. It's a talented, and mixed group from all round the world.

We're starting this Fresher's Week with a stall, and next week with a social get-together for people to find out about us. We're hoping to meet regularly and possibly have events and speakers. Hm, and we might organise club nights, and theatre trips, and other such relevant things...

What are the pitfalls to avoid, what is necessary, and what is likely to mean people like it and it continues? Any help would be much appreciated.


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