Thursday, 20 September 2012

Society update

We have a place! We have a time! We have a plan!

(Unfortunately, I will be an hour late to the first social get-together of the LGBT+ society, because I'm focusing lights on a theatre show, but apart from that...)

I found a perfect place; it's open til ten, it is primarily a cafe so lots of coffee, but also hot meals and alcohol should people want that. Plus it's really near the drama school, so we know everyone can get to the area.

We've just been told we can have a society email account on the school network - win! I've spent my breaks today with my fellow founder making up posters to advertise the event, and my lovely mate who's very visually creative and good with technology is whipping us up something to show on the screens in the foyer on the loop of school announcements.

I've also contacted NUS LGBT Campaign to see if we can get their support.

It's crazy and I'm so excited about it all. I really hope we can make an impact on people's lives and really do something with this entity we're creating. I've got so many ideas, like fancy dress parties, club nights, pub quizzes, talks, events, just stuff stuff stuff!

Anyone got any other tips on what to do, or where to get resources?

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  1. Typically, it takes a lot of effort to organise the first event of its kind, and much less effort to organise future events of the same kind. For this reason, I suggest that you don't try to organise numerous different kinds of events (fancy dress parties, club nights, pub quizzes, talks and so on) because you will probably get exhausted with all the different learning curves. Instead, pick a single kind of event, for example, a pub quiz, and run that several times so you get the hang of it so that running yet another one is relatively painless. Only then should you move on to organising another kind of event.

    On the topic of pub quizes, you can find pub quiz books on Amazon, so that can save you time on making up questions.

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