Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bisexual History

Hello dear readers,

I have a favour to ask. My fabulous church LGBT group, which I have mentioned frequently on here, has asked me if I'm interested in doing next month's session.

It's LGBT History Month in Feb, and the group had trans history last year, lesbian the year before, and gay before that. So this Feb our session will be on bisexual history, yippee!

My favour is for resources. I haven't done a lot of research into bisexuality as such, and certainly not into the history of it, and I want to do this properly. So I thought I'd ask the people who'd know best.

I'd also love any thoughts on how to run the session. Should I make it academic, personal, interactive? What topics should I definitely cover? Please let me know in comments - I feel that it has to be representative of all of us as a community.

Thank you guys! Feel free also to contact me on twitter @iamabisexual, or, and if anyone is based in London and feels like coming along on the 10th of Feb to St James Piccadilly, it would be great to have you!

Cheers gang,

Esme T



  1. There's a timeline I wrote in Getting Bi In A Gay / Straight World, and there are a fairly random selection of 29 bi history moments I put together for under the LGBT History Month tag.

  2. Hi - hope it goes well. This could be handy if you want some stats about health and wellbeing to mention:
    Saw your call out on Twitter!