Saturday, 23 June 2012

A study of Christian LGBT young people

I was recently interviewed as a subject in a university study of LGBT Christian young people. One of the researchers was pointed towards my church as a Christian community that supports LGBT, and on talking to the leader of our LGBT group, she was pointed in my direction as the only one at St James' that fit the 16-30 age bracket.

We talked for over an hour. It was very interesting to tell someone who had no part of my life about it, because having to give her context for some of my answers and anecdotes meant I saw things about them that I had not seen before.

Nothing major; I'm secure in my knowledge of myself as a bisexual and a Christian; but just little things.

I wondered if I'd feel weird talking about my relationships and experiences to a stranger with a Dictaphone, but I realised afterwards that it's exactly the same as writing this blog - I like talking about bisexuality, because it's an aspect of my identity that doesn't get a lot of air time in everyday life.

I get to be very Christian every week at church; very organised and theatre loving at college; very much a woman all the time; a young person when out with mates or surfing Facebook; my outlet for being very bi is this blog, and going to Pride. It's like the fact that I write stories and a bit of fiction - I have a community through Nanowrimo to be just that with.

I wondered if my desire to be interviewed about my bisexuality was a narcissistic thing, blowing my own trumpet. But I think really I just desperately want society to catch up and understand it more. I want to be a non-issue, and at the moment, it's a novelty, an interesting fact about me. Unfortunately it isn't a study that deals with just bisexuality, and it won't really do much about all that. But it made me feel proactive. Like doing the Out4Marriage video.

What others opportunities do we have? I'll take any that come my way.

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